Organic product
Since 3 November 2014 “Liellopu izsoļu nams” SIA (“Beef Cattle Auction House” LTD) is registered and acknowledged as a Biologically certified company. Certificate No: 04-230/17.

The Cattle Auction House offers regular deliveries of the carcasses of biologically bred cattle upon clients request and needs.

Telephone:+371 29400214  Kaspars Adams  


Important information for farmers, who wishes to sell their animals via beef auction
  1. Farm is Biologically certified
  2. Farmer must ensure that on the day when animals are transported to auction place animals are separated and ready to be transported.
  3. Commission  is 2,5% from final sale price.  
  4. Auction will always offer the available maximum advantageous transportation to farmers.
  5. Farmers are welcome to participate in slaughterhouse process.


Latvia is one of few European countries that can provide natural open-air feeding and breeding conditions for at least 95% of its cattle and calving cows. 70% of Latvian beef cattle and crossbreeding farms have received internationally acknowledged biological certificates, which guarantee customers and consumers that the animals are bred in accordance with the biological requirements of the European Union.


The animals are butchered in Latvia in a biologically certified butchery (BRC certificate) that meets all the hygiene and HACCP product quality requirements. The butchery is also HALAL-certified and is able to provide butchering services in accordance with traditions of various religious communities.


We are able to provide biological butchering services as well as offer and deliver carcasses of biological beef cattle and dairy cattle to our clients. Every month we deliver to our customers approximately 70 000 kg to 100 000 kg of biological meat.