Auctions of slaughter animals
Organization of auctions of slaughter animals

As of 21 March 2018, we are launching auctions of slaughter animals - for beef cattle of dairy and meat breeds (bulls, heifers, cows).

Auction process:  


Auctions will take place every week - on Wednesdays. Cattle will be auctioned by taking into account live weight and will be grouped according to the nutritional status, sex, and weight. Both the Latvian meat processors and the European meat processing companies will participate in auctions of slaughter animals. The Beef Cattle Auction House will organize the collection of cattle. The principle of auctioning is similar to the traditional beef cattle auctions where beef cattle are being auctioned for fattening. On 21st of March- the first auction,  170 animals were sold.

See You in auction every Wednesday!


Auction venue:

Address - Ikšķile, Ikšķile Municipality


Contact person:

Artis Liepiņš

Cell phone: +371 271 72 055  


“Krasti”, Mazzalve Parish, Nereta Municipality