Starting from the spring of 2018 we have a new offer available to farms (with appropriate infrastructure and feed base) to conclude contracts for a guaranteed minimum price as to bovine animals fattened to 22 months of age (maximum age).

Potential farms:  

For farms that are not interested in the sale of young cattle, we offer to conclude an agreement on their  fattening, thus guaranteeing owners the sale of fattened animals. It is desirable that fattening would take   place in farms where beef cattle have been grown, as well as the farm could provide beef cattle housing   and also feed, that would consist of different ingredients (flour, spent grain, forage, etc.), in order to  provide an effective live-weight gain.


The farms will be paid in an advance roughly EUR 500.00 for 1 separate animal, starting from the age of  weaning, in a form of prepayment. In addition to the conditions mentioned above, the owner has to ensure that the beef cattle are weighed quarterly to assess a progress of fattening. Each month, the Beef Cattle Auction House will inform the owners about the market prices so that  the farms would be aware of the situation in the market concerning the beef cattle fattening.

Desired requirements:  

The Beef Cattle Auction House recommends the farms to insure the beef cattle to be fattened in order to  avoid losses that might emerge during the fattening of bovines (due to injury, illness or by injuring themselves).


Please, contact us on issues of interest and applications!

Contact person:  Artis Liepiņš  

Cell phone: +371 271 72 055  

Email: info@liellopuizsoles.lv  

“Krasti”, Mazzalve Parish, Nereta Municipality