Conventional cattle slaughtering
Conventional cattle slaughtering

Price offer on 30.05.2022:

Category O 250 kg - 3.55 €/kg + VAT;

Category O 300 kg - 3.70 €/kg + VAT;

Category O 340 kg - 3.80 euro/kg + VAT.

Please contact us:

Linda Balina +371 28381778


  • Since 2018, we accept conventional cattle (dairy and meat breeds) for slaughter.
  • We regularly analyse the market situation and send an up-to-date price offer by email. 
  • About the application: it is possibly to apply on our website or by calling Linda Balina +371 28381778
  • The farm has to pay for transport expenses and no commission will be applied. 

ATTENTION!  Animals with movement problems are NOT ACCEPTED!