About us
The Beef Cattle Auction House is the only auction house in the Baltics with a 10 year practice and experience. Each month more than 2000 heads of young cattle bread in Latvia participate in the auctions.


The animals in the Auction House are grouped in the enclosures according to the breed, age, and weight, therefore assuring the most evenly distributed cargo possible to make the customer’s choice and the process of purchase easier, as well as to minimize the duration of the auctions.


On the day of the auction the animals are available for inspection starting from 10:00 AM, what provides the clients with all the necessary information of potential purchased before the auction starts. At 11:00 AM the auction begins and every registered customer can participate in the bidding. The Auction House is able to provide interpretation of auctions into English and Russian, too.  

"The Beef Cattle Auction House is the biggest Latvian beef cattle exporter"



Auction House:

  • exported 45% of all beef cattle in Latvia 2014

  • exported 55% of all beef cattle in Latvia 2015

  • exported 62.8% of all beef cattle in Latvia 2016

  • exported 72.3 % of all beef cattle in Latvia 2017

  • exported 76.3 % of all beef cattle in Latvia 2018


The Cattle Auction House conducts all the necessary analyses that are specified in import requirements of each country, as well as provides additional analyses upon a client’s request.

  • The Cattle Auction House can provide beef cattle delivery for feeding up, butchering, and further breeding, as well as export biological cattle carcasses.

  •  Cattle Auction House fulfills individual orders that correspond to specific requirements of each client and meets demands of each specific country. 

  • We also provide quarantine services for non-EU countries.



is one of few European countries that can provide natural open-air feeding and breeding conditions for at least 95% of its cattle and calving cows. 70% of Latvian beef cattle and crossbreeding farms have received internationally acknowledged biological certificates, which guarantee customers and consumers that the animals are bred in accordance with the biological requirements of the European Union.


The most popular breeds reared in Latvia are Charolaise and Limousine as well as variations of their crossbreeding, what constitute the biggest proportion of all cattle. Hereford, Angus, Belgian Blue, Simmental, Highland and Galloway cattle breeds are also reared in Latvia.

Our team

Evija Deigele
Chief accountant
Irena Balina
Laila Kleina
Jana Kreicmane
Auction administrator
Kristine Adama
Organic meat administration manager
Kristine Bodniece
Finance director
Kaspars Adams